Giulia Achilli - Producer Dugong Films - Advisor First Cut Lab




Brothers Lauris, Raitis and Marcis are Latvian filmmakers who mostly work together. Raitis is a psychologist by education, but he received his film education at the New York Film Academy. Lauris has acquired a degree in film directing at the Latvian Academy of Culture. The international success of the brothers began with the short film “Castratus the Boar” directed by Raitis and Lauris, which won the grand prix at the 2015 Tampere Short Film Festival. Three years later, the brothers completed a drama documentary about pagan traditions, “Baltic Tribes, Last Pagans of Europe”. “Restless Minds” is the brothers’ first feature film. In addition to making films, Lauris and Raitis have made music for two rock and post-metal bands, Soundarcade and Sonntags Legion.