FERIT KARAHAN Brothers Keeper


Director (Czech Republic)


The Czech film director and screenwriter Adam Koloman Rybanský was born in 1994 in Hradec Králové. He studied film directing at FAMU in Prague since 2013. During his studies he wrote and directed several short films which were shown at the various international film festivals. He was nominated for the best student film at the Czech Lion Awards in 2017 and 2018. In 2021, Rybanský graduated from FAMU with his feature debut Somewhere Over the Chemtrails.


In his movies he portrays everyday life situations in a form of highly stylized absurd dramedy. Despite fun and humor, his films are urgent and serious in its core. He finds various forms of racism, self-pity, confusion, and disillusionment at the personalities of his sympathetic, yet ambiguous characters. His films have its own unique visual style. Rybanský works often with non-actors, and he tells his stories mainly through static wide shots with timeless atmosphere, and elaborate mise-en-scene.