Industry Manager – Cairo Film Connection & Director (Egypt/Lebanon/Brazil)


With more than 18 years in the industry, Chadi Zeneddine is a writer-director and festival programmer, based between Beirut and Buenos Aires. Holder of a MA in Film Studies, he then pursued his PhD in Film & Philosophy at the Sorbonne. His first feature “Falling From Earth” was selected in 45 film festivals before signing a 3 year development deal with Walt Disney International Studios. In 2010 he joined the Doha Film Institute; working with the executive management on its mission and

vision including advising for the film financing and grants departments and being part of the selecting committee for 8 years. Until 2018, he was managing the Film Programming team and part of the core team that created QUMRA, supporting young talent from around the world. He participated in several juries and film funding commissions. Since 2021 he is the head of the Cairo Film Connection in Egypt, and still consulting for various film festivals and institutions.