Producer – Keplerfilm (The Netherlands)


After working on award-winning films such as THE LOBSTER (Yorgos Lanthimos), BULLHEAD (Michaël R. Roskam), BLIND (Eskil Vogt) and MONOS (Alejandro Landes), longtime friends Derk-Jan Warrink and Koji Nelissen founded Keplerfilm in 2016. They are currently working on a broad range of films: shorts and features, local productions and international (co)productions and for any platform available. Their first feature film BULADÓ was the Dutch Entry to the Academy Awards, has won Best

Film at the Netherlands Film Festival and Best Film at the New York Children’s Film Festival. The second, CAPTAIN NOVA (Maurice Trouwborst), opened the 2021 Cinekid Festival and won two jury awards for best Dutch Children’s Film and Best Children’s Film, as well as the audience award for Best Children’s film. Through EAVE, ACE and Binger Filmlab, Koji and Derk-Jan were able to expand their international network. Keplerfilm strongly values building a creative breeding ground

on which exceptional and talented writers and directors can grow to reach their full potential; inspiring them to find their own personal signatures and to dare to dream big. Keplerfilm’s ambition is to tell heartfelt stories – whether up-beat or sad: always deeply humane and with heart. Telling stories about real people with inescapable struggles and genuine desires, while at the same time always seeking to entertain the audience intellectually.