First Cut+ Karlovy Vary 2022 takes place both online for most of the lectures and individual consultations (24.-30. June 2022), and onsite in Karlovy Vary for the works-in-progress session, meetings with the industry execs, and some extra consultations (3.-6. July 2022).

As demonstrated by the alumni projects that won Venice’s prestigious Lion of the Future for Best Debut Feature both in 2020 and in 2021, First Cut+ puts a strong attention on new talents. The line-up of First Cut+ Karlovy Vary 2022 keeps up with this focus since 7 out of the 8 films presented are first feature films. While being committed to Central & Eastern European films, the programs opens up to the world with projects coming from Brazil, Canada, and India.

The works-in-progress session takes place on July 5th at 2 pm, and is open to industry guests of KVIFF. The jury that awards the 5 000 Euros cash TRT Prize is composed of Esra Demirkiran (TRT), Ji Lacerna (FDCP), and Boris Pugnet (Tiramisu).

A lecture by Michael Arnon, partner at Berlin based PR & Marketing agency WOLF Consultants, on “Strategic Approach to International Marketing, PR & Press” is presented to the industry guests of KVIFF by First Cut. This lecture takes place on July 5th at 11:30 am at Cinema A.


For its 2022 summer session, First Cut+ selected the following eight projects:

A Love Story - First Cut+ Winter Trieste 2022

Desvío de noche

Directors: Ariane Falardeau St-Amour, Paul Chotel
Producers: Jeanne Dupuis, Omar Elhamy, Simon Allard
Company: 9401-1863 Québec Inc.

In the midst of a snowstorm, a journalist dives back into the memories of her most recent investigation. Following the sudden disappearance of star figure skater, Violeta Martinez, the journalist travels to Violeta’s hometown, a tropical village on the West coast of Mexico. There, she encounters an intricate labyrinth of clues and wrong paths, surreal tales, and enigmatic characters. Two, in particular draw, her attention. But even as the story deviates from her initial quest, she only glimpses this world from a distance.

Camper - First Cut+ Winter Trieste 2022


Director: Pushan Kripalani
Producers: Amit Saxena, Pooja Chauhan
Company: Splendid Motion films limited

Anamika Fields is the daughter of an Englishman and an Indian woman. Her mother, Sadhana Tripathi, left behind a promising career to marry Anamika’s father and move to the UK. Her father died when she was ten. This left Sadhana, who never wanted to be a parent, and who never even wanted to live in the UK, to bring up their only daughter alone. Twenty-five years later, Sadhana is suffering from the onset of dementia. Ana thinks that she will be able to resolve the situation in a few short days. Mother and daughter, strangers for over a decade, find themselves thrown together once again, after all of this time. This has always been a difficult, damaging relationship for them. Some of this was a by-product of their circumstance, and some of it was deliberate. Anamika begins to discover a woman she had never known before.

Fucking Bornholm - First Cut+ Winter Trieste 2022

I Love You More 

Director & producer: Erblin Nushin
Company: Tilia Entertainment LLC

After a year of online pillow-talk, Ben, a shy Kosovar teen, is beyond-excited to finally meet his first (but secret) love, Leo. Consumed with passion, Ben carefully weaves the plans and cover-story for his romantic tryst with Leo, who is arriving from Germany in just one month. Everything must be perfect. Great news – Ben’s mother surprises the family with a life-changing opportunity, but he can’t take it just yet. He must meet Leo.

White Plastic Sky - First Cut+ Winter Trieste 2022

The Maiden

Director: Graham Foy
Producers : Graham Foy, Daiva Zalnieriunas
Company : 2703715 Ontario Inc.

A perfect summer day ends in a tragic death. Colton, a suburban teenager, mourns the loss of his best friend Kyle. Grief awakens decay and darkness in a world that swirls amidst glimpses of natural wonder and beauty. The discovery of a missing girl’s diary transports us to a mirror world. A magical ravine. A supernatural encounter. Is this Colton’s psyche? A dream? The afterlife? Are we ever really alone?

Mammalia - First Cut+ Winter Trieste 2022

Norwegian Dream

Director: Leiv Igor Devold
Producers: Håvard Wettland Gossé, Lennart Lenzing
Company: Spætt Film AS

Robert (19), a Polish immigrant working at a fish factory in Norway, has come to earn money to pay off his mother‘s debts. Coming from an LGBTIQ+ free zone in Poland, he struggles with his feelings for his Norwegian colleague Ivar (19), especially when it turns out Ivar is a drag queen. When a strike begins among the Polish workers at the factory, Robert is bribed into breaking it. Will he take the much-needed money, or stand up for love and his rights?

Men of Deed - First Cut+ Winter Trieste 2022

The Territory

Director: Mesut Keklik
Producer: Burak Yavuz

Through the character Ali, this movie depicts the life of a group of young people in a suburb of Istanbul who are stuck between drugs, gangs, religion and family while living in highly inadequate socio-economic conditions.

Summer to Come - First Cut+ Winter Trieste 2022

Under the Naked Sky

Director: Lilian Sijbesma
Producers: Germen Boelens, Kirsi Salvosalmi

Elvie, 10, lives in a mobile home with her intellectually disabled mother and her ageing grandfather. As the girl slowly starts to outgrow her mother, the fragile balance between the family becomes disrupted.

White Plastic Sky - First Cut+ Winter Trieste 2022

Charcoal (When My Life)

Director: Carolina Markowicz
Producer: Karen Castanho
Company: Superfilmes

In Brazil, where violence and cruelty have free rein, a rural family accepts the proposal of an international organization led by an Argentine woman to “host” a foreign guest. However, none of the family members see their expectations fulfilled, and those of their guests are even less. Charcoal (When My Life) is a deadpan portrait of how the naturalization of the absurd is the new normal.


Advisors for the summer session 2022 will be:

Michael Arnon

As Strategy consultant to International Marketing, PR & Press.
Michael Aron, partner at Berlin based PR & Marketing agency WOLF Consultants, provides full service strategic consulting focused on positioning projects at any and all stages of development and production.

Catalin Cristuțiu

The Romanian editor Catalin Cristuțiu, who worked on some of the most appreciated films in Romanian Cinema (directed by, among others, Radu Jude, Florin Serban, Silviu Purcarete, Anca Damian) will be advising about what excerpts to choose for the best launching of the film.

Ilaria Gomarasca

As Festival specialist.
Former Pyramide International’s Festivals Manager, Ilaria Gomarasca handled the launch in the International Festivals’ circuit of award-winning films such as the Golden Globe winner Leviathan by Andrey Zvyagintsev, The Pearl Button by Patricio Guzman (Silver Bear at 2015 Berlinale) and three Golden Camera winners will be in charge of Festivals’ strategy.

Wendy Mitchell

As Press specialists.
Wendy Mitchell is a journalist, moderator and film festival
consultant. She is a contributing editor at Screen International, the UK and Nordic delegate for San Sebastian and a consultant for the International Film Festival Rotterdam and Zurich Film Festival. She has also been a speaker, mentor or consultant for Berlinale EFM, Cannes Marche, EAVE, First Cut Lab, The National Film and TV School and more.

Boris Pugnet

As Marketing Specialist.
Formerly in charge of the marketing campaigns of Nanni Moretti, Hirokazu Kore Eda and Jim Jarmusch’s films for the independent French distributor Le Pacte, now Boris works as a marketing consultant and trailer editor for both independent and major companies.

Katarzyna Siniarska

As Sales specialist.
Katarzyna Siniarska
has been a part of Warsaw-based boutique world sales agency New Europe Film Sales since 2013; first as a Sales Executive then Head of Sales and a partner at the company. She is also active as a board member of Europa International (2019-2021). New Europe works with international content and sells it to all rights, theatrical, TV and VOD buyers across the world and is proud of its small, carefully-selected catalogue of feature films and shorts. The company has a great track record for supporting auteur cinema and unique voices – recent titles include 92nd Academy Awards nominated CORPUS CHRISTI and Venezia 77 Best Screenplay winner THE DISCIPLE.

Joanna Solecka

As Digital marketing specialist.
Film marketing and audience design strategist, Joanna Solecka is the Head of film marketing agency Alphapanda’s Polish branch, covering the CEE, US and Scandinavian market. Among the latest international projects, Joanna handled campaigns for are: GIRL PICTURE (Sundance Audience Award Winner ‘22), HOW TO SAVE A DEAD FRIEND (Visions du Reel ’22), FLEE (European Film Awards Winner ’21), NINJABABY (SXSW Audience Award Winner ’21).