HOLY EMY by Araceli Lemos - First Cut Lab

First Cut+ Trieste 2021

HOLY EMY (2020)

Agia Emi

Greece, France, USA
roduction company: Studio Bauhaus

World Premiere: Locarno 2021 – Cineasti Presenti

After their mother returns to the Philippines, sisters Emy and Teresa live within their tight-knit Filipino Catholic community in the port city of Athens. But when Teresa gets pregnant, Emy is increasingly drawn to other, more mysterious forces that live within her.


Director: Araceli Lemos
Writers: Araceli Lemos, Giulia Caruso
Editors: Raphaëlle Martin-Hölger, Araceli Lemos

Producer: Konstantinos Vassilaros
Co-producers: Mathieu Bompoint, Giulia Caruso, Ki Jin Kim, Mattia Bogianchino

Cast: Abigael Loma, Hasmine Kilip, Eirini Inglesi

Length: 111 min

International sales: TVCO