JAD ABI KHALIL - Founding member of Beirut DC - Advisor


Founding member Beirut DC (Lebanon)


Jad Abi Khalil was born in Beirut Lebanon.

He completed his cinema studies at IESAV – Saint Joseph University in 1998.

Abi Khalil is a founding member of Beirut DC, the cultural association for Arab Cinema.

He was the chairman of its board of directors from 2009 till 2013, head of its: DOCmed training program 2011-2013, Beirut Cinema Platform (BCP) 2015-2020 and Good Pitch Bil Arabi 2018-2020.

He has directed several short films and feature documentaries.

Filmography as a producer, includes (since 2007):
2014Diaries of a Flying Dog by Bassem Fayad (Feature documentary)
2008 –The One Man Village by Simon El Habre (Feature documentary)