Producer – Proton Cinema (Hungary)


Born 1983, Julia Berkes is a Hungarian producer based in Budapest. After graduation at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest and at the Eötvös Loránd University, she started working at Proton Cinema, as a line producer, where she made several international feature films. Since 2009 she produces her own films, starting with a handful of shorts like “On a Lower Level” by director Gábor Reisz, and the 2014 EFA nominee “Wall” by director Simon Szabó. She also


 produced a cult hit feature entitled “For Some Inexplicable Reason” (2014), one of the most respectable blockbusters in Hungary, with 13 international prizes. Helping upcoming filmmakers, mainly new voices in Hungarian Cinema, is a perfect way for Julia to find young talents. In EAVE 2016 Producer’s workshop she participated with the 2nd feature film of Gábor Reisz, called “Bad Poems”, which became a box office hit in Hungary and won 16 awards.