FERIT KARAHAN Brothers Keeper


Director (Kosovo)


Kaltrina Krasniqi is an award winning Kosovo based film director and researcher working in film, television and digital humanities since early 2000s. She is a founding member of Kosovo Oral History Initiative – a digital archive where personal histories of individuals from various paths of life are recorded, and a co-founder of the popular Prishtina café-bookshop Dit’ e Nat’; a non formal setting for promotion of film, literature and music

She graduated in Film Directing in the University of Prishtina in 2004 and in 2011 completed her MA in Kosovo’s Institute for Journalism and Communication. In 2015 she continued her professional development in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with focus in Film Producing. Her first feature film Vera Dreams of the Sea premiered in Venice Film Festival 2021 and was awarded the Grand Prix at Tokyo International Film Festival 2021.


Sarabande | 2018 | short
The Canaries Know | 2014 | short
Rolling to Brussels | 2012 | mid-length
Family Portray | 2009 | short
Tatita | 2006 | short
Silentio | 2003 | short
Relax | 2003 | short
Sudden Air | 2000 | short