Brother's Keeper Ferit Karahan

Edition:RE-ACT 2021


Production countries: Slovenia, Australia
Production company: Cvinger Film

World Premiere: Berlinale 2022 – Generation Kplus



Ten year old Moja lives with her grief-stricken Slovenian dad and pregnant twenty year old sister Vesna in an outer suburb of Melbourne. Unable to accept the reality of her mother’s sudden passing, Moja focuses on preparing for the baby while Vesna
is lost in troubles of her own. Adamant and full of light, Moja pushes on, hoping in vain that Vesna will eventually fill the mother-shaped hole in her life. But Vesna pushes Moja to accept that their mother has in fact died, which causes the relationship between the sisters to strain and as the birth draws closer the grieving family continues to fragment. After meeting Miranda and her quirky daughter Danger, a family very different to her own, Moja’s world begins to open.


Director: Sara Kern
Writer: Sara Kern
Editors: Haim Tabakman, Hayley Miro Browne

Producers: Rok Biček, Gal Greenspan, Sharlene George
Co-producer: Katy Roberts

Cast: Loti Kovačič, Mackenzie Mazur, Gregor Baković, Flora Feldman, Claudia Karvan

Length: 80 min

International sales: Wide