Pawel Kosun - participant First Cut Lab - The Moths


ProducerCentrala (Poland)


He gained his experience working on numerous international co-productions – he has produced and co-produced among others J. J. Kolski’s Pardon, Jagoda Szelc’s Tower. A Bright Day and an award-winning, D. Ondricek’s In the Shadow.

Another production, Deerboy, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Participant of Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, where he studied film production at La Femis in Paris and Ludwigsburg FilmAkademie in Germany.

In 2014, he took part in the Emerging Producers programme at the Jihlava FF.

In 2016, together with the A Time of Gods project, he participated in the Biennale College Cinema in Venice.



Filmography as a Producer or Executive Producer: 

2021 (in production)Lipstick on the Glass, by
Kuba Czekaj

2021 The Republic of Children, by Jan Jakub Kolski

2020 – The Moths (Documentary), by Piotr Stasik
The film premiered in New Horizons Film Festival in 2021.

2020 Maria nie zyje (Short Film), by Martyna Majewska

2020 Whispers (Short Film), by Patryk Jordanowicz, Jacek Naglowski & Olga Solarz

2019 Fragments on Revolution, by Andreas Hoessli



2018 – Pardon (Feature Film), by Jan Jakub Kolski

2017 Tower. A Bright Day (Feature Film), by Jagoda Szelc

2017 – Deer Boy (Short Film), by Katarzyna Gondek

2016 – Monk of the Sea (Documentary), by Rafal Skalski

2016 Las, 4 rano, by Jan Jakub Kolski

2015 – Lila (Short Film), by Dominika Lapka

2014 – Gottland, by Jan Viera Cákanyová, Petr Hátle & Rozálie Kohoutová

2013 – À l’abri (Short Film), by Roy Arida

2013Powrót Agnieszki H. (Documentary), by
Krystyna Krauze & Jacek Petrycki