Brother's Keeper Ferit Karahan



Production company: Staragara

World premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival Competition 2022



Freedom is something everybody understands, but no one can explain.”Slovenia, 1999. Two best friends modify their mopeds in the style of choppers and set off from theirnative village on a motorbike journey through Slovenia and Croatia. On the way, they are joined by a young woman with a mysterious past and an old biker who has searched for love all over the world but hasn’t found it yet.In their adventures together, they challenge themselves and each other to break the bonds with old notions and embrace new ones.But the journey is treacherous: when a fellow traveler suddenly dies, their friendship is at stake and the pain is so unbearable that someone must be blamed…


Director: Dominik Mencej

Writers: Boris Grgurović, Dominik Mencej

Editor:Andrej Nagode

Producer: Miha Černec

Cast: Timon Šturbej, Petja Labovič, Anja Novak, Nikola Kojo