Brother's Keeper Ferit Karahan

First Cut+ Trieste 2022

Summer to Come

Jövő nyár

Production Company : Proton Cinema 
World Premiere : Black Nights – Just Film Youth and Children’s Film Festival 2022, Estonia



The drama camp of a high school class. The troubled Milán is preparing for his own performance on the side. A love triangle starts to form between him, Anna and Dani. A year later following their graduation, the camp takes place again. Milán is no longer with them: he took his own life during the last semester. The film aims to touch upon the current crisis of teenagers with, about, and for them.


Director and writer: György Mór Kárpáti
Editor: Dániel Tokár

Producer: Viktória Petrányi​

Cast: Orsolya Bukovszky, Ágoston Liber, Dániel György Brezovszky

Length: 73 min

International sales: Lights On