FERIT KARAHAN Brothers Keeper


Director (Latvia)


Uģis Olte is a Latvian director, writer, editor who enjoys staying playful when dealing with serious subjects. Equipped with senses of a musician and convinced that dreams, myths and fairy-tales can be useful tools for telling any story. He has created numerous original TV documentary formats, filmed bunch of weird music videos and also 3 short fictions [“The Red Spot”, “KK2678” and


“King Of The Wild Things”]. His efforts in documentary genre have resulted in three feature length films“Stuck in Stikine” [2007], “Double Aliens” [2015] and “Liberation Day” [2016, co-directed with Morten Traavik]. In autumn 2021 at the Black Nights Film festival in Tallinn he premiered his debut feature, mythological thriller “UPURGA”.