Holy Emy & Censor awarded!

Jan 27, 2021

We are glad to announce the winners of First Cut+ Trieste 2021:

Three companies have joined forces again to offer the First Cut+ Award to one of the 8 selected projects, consisting in various promotional services:

L’Avventura Studio offers an extended digital marketing expertise for an international festival launch, with a set of concepts for the creation of social media contents and teasers.

WOLF Consultants (Laurin Dietrich & Michael Arnon) offers a consultation on how to translate the positioning of the finished film for the international press book, with a special focus on key texts including logline, synopsis, director’s note and interview.

Tiramisù (Boris Pugnet) offers consultancy on trailer and poster.

The winner of First Cut+ Award is HOLY EMY by Araceli Lemos.

The 2020 Karlovy Vary recipient of the First Cut+ Award was the film Brother’s Keeper, by Ferit Karahan.

Moreover, in continuity with last edition, the partnership with Sub-Ti and Sub-Ti Access is renewed with two additional prizes:

Sub-Ti Award for Subtitling Services and Sub-Ti Access Award for Access Services.

The winner of Sub-Ti Award and Sub-Ti Access Award is CENSOR by Peter Kerekes.

The previous recipient was the film Nimby by Teemu Nikki (Trieste 2020).

Trieste 2021 - Award Subti - CENSOR


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