Bootlegger by CAROLINE MONNET - First Cut Lab


Director: Caroline Monnet
roductor: Catherine Chagnon Microclimat Films
Production: Canada
World Premiere: Festival du Nouveau Cinema

Mani, a master’s student, returns to the remote place in northern Quebec where she grew up. Her painful past resurfaces. Resolved to reintegrate into her former home, she gets involved in the debate around a referendum on allowing the free sale of alcohol. Laura, a bootlegger, pockets the profits she makes there under the protection of the band council and her partner Raymond. The latter is still angry with Mani, whom he holds responsible for the death of his daughter in a fire. Two radically opposed women divide the community into two sides who face each other to determine the best path to independence.


Director: Caroline Monnet
Writers: Caroline Monnet, Daniel Watchorn
Editor: Aube Foglia
Producers: Catherine Chagnon 
Production: Microclimat Films

Cast: Devery JacobsPascale Bussières

Length: 81 min