Edition : Finland 2019


Production: Finland, Estonia
Production CompanyFinland Cinematic
Premiere: 17 January 2020 – Theatrical Release Finland



Year 1915. Helene Schjerfbeck is a forgotten artist living in the countryside with her elderly mother. Years have passed since her last exhibition, and Helene has continued to paint only for her own passion. Everything changes when an art dealer discovers Helene and her 159 amazing paintings and wants to organize a large solo exhibition. However, the most important moment in Helene’s life is brought on by her encounter with amateur painter Einar Reuter, who is a passionate admirer of Helene’s art. He becomes Helene’s confidante and the unfulfilled love of her life. Inspired by true events, HELENE describes the life of Finland’s most acclaimed painter Helene Schjerfbeck between 1915-1923.


DirectorAntti J. Jokinen
Written byAntti J. Jokinen & Marko Leino
Editor: Benjamin Mercer F.S.C
Cast: Laura Birn, Johannes Holopainen, Pirkko Saisio, Krista Kosonen, Eero Aho, Jarkko Lahti
ProducerMikko Tenhunen
Sales: Picture Tree International
Distribution: Nordisk Film
Length: 122 min.
Colour: Colour