Edition : Finland 2019


Producer – MJÖLK Movies (Finland)

Contact : mikko.tenhunen@lookoutfilms.fi


After finishing his studies at the Helsinki Film School, Finnish producer Mikko Tenhunen had already started as a screenwriter for local television, when he produced Finnish director Joona Tena’s romantic comedy FC Venus (2005), which was not only a hit at the Finnish box office, but also toured the world with the EU Film Festival: The Best of European Cinema. He continued backing local 

blockbusters – Finnish directors Hannu Kahakorpi’s The Novelist (2008), Kari Väänänen’s Backwood Philosopher (2009) and Tena’s Body of Water (2011). In 2014, he joined Helsinki’s Mjölk Movies, and has since produced Finnish directors Mikko Kuparinen’s English-language debut, 2 Nights till Morning, and Aleksi Salmenperä’s Distractions