Edition : Trieste 2016




Безкрайната градина

Production: Bulgaria

Production Company: AGITPROP

World Premiere: Opening film Cinemania 2017



The dreamlike drama revolves around Philip, who has it all: a successful career and a beautiful girlfriend. However, he is still taking care of Victor, his sensitive brother, years after the death of their parents. Emma is slightly autistic, fallen out of time. At night, she crafts a miniature model of a mystical garden in the back of her flower shop, where Victor works. Emma lives in spheres completely beyond Philip’s reach. Through her garden, Philip realizes that he never felt so real until he met this otherworldly girl, he’s falling in love with. His life is transforming – until Victor confesses that he, too, is in love with Emma. Torn between the love for his brother and for Emma, Philip feels the pain of loss for the first time.


DirectorGalin Stoev
Writers: Galin Stoev, Yana Borissova
Editor: Georgi Bogdanov
Directors of photography: Georgi Bogdanov, Boris Missirkov
ProducerMartichka Bozhilova
Length: 1h30
Colour: Colour
Release: Bulgaria Fall 2018 – Kinomania


Consultant Editor