Pamela Biénzobas - Programmer and Critic - Advisor


Programmer & Critic (Chile/France)


Pamela Biénzobas is a Chilean-French consultant, programmer and critic.

Member of the feature film selection committee of the Locarno Film Festival, she has collaborated with film funds, labs, residencies and industry events (such as La Fabrique Cinéma, Doha Film Institute, Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab, Abycine Lanza or CineGouna Platform), nominating candidates, assessing and selecting projects and applications, mentoring filmmakers, or coaching them on their pitches.

She also has collaborated with festivals –mainly Rotterdam Film Festival, Berlinale Forum and Gijón Film Festival– moderating Q&As and press conferences.

As a freelance writer, she has contributed to a number of publications for two decades.