The Cemil Show - Film by Barış Sarhan

Edition : Istanbul 2019


Cemil Şov

Production: Turkey
Production Company: SARHAN PROJECTS
World Premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021



Long-suffering mall cop Cemil auditions for the bad guy role in a remake of a Turkish B-movie from the ‘60s from the so-called Yeşilçam era. Even while teaming up with a female colleague whose father played the vintage bad guy, Cemil doesn’t have a chance in hell. A true underdog, he keeps pushing for the role until the role gets him…


Writer & Director: Bariş Sarhan
Editor: Evren Luş
DOP: Soykut Turan
Production Designer: Billur Turan
Sound: Yalin Özgencil
MusicTaner Yücel
Producers: Bariş Sarhan, Umut Eğitimci
Co-producers: Levend Çağil, Önder Önsal
Sales: Alpha Violet

Cast: Ozan Çelik, Nesrin Cavadzade, Alican Yücesoy

Length: 102 min