Edition : Trieste 2016



Dzikie róze

Production: Poland
Production Company: Alter Ego Pictures
International Premiere: Film Festival Cottbus 2017 



Ewa, 27, has a secret she is desperate to keep. While her husband is working abroad, she gives birth to an illegitimate child and secretly puts it up for adoption. She tries to maintain a normal routine with her family but struggles to overcome feelings of guilt. Can Ewa live with her secret and face the reality of life in a small village?


DirectorAnna Jadowska
WriterAnna Jadowska
Editor: Anna Mass
DOPMałgorzata Szyłak
Producers: Roman Jarosz,
Izabela Igel
Sales: Antipode
Length: 89 min.
Colour: Colour
Awards: Grand Prix Cottbus 2017