Consultant Editor


Jacques Comets (France) is a film professor and one of the most acclaimed French editors. Since 1980 he has edited over 40 feature films by directors such as Tsai Ming-liang, Raoul Peck, Bernard Stora, Laurent Heynemann, Tonie Marshall and Christine Pascal as well as Pablo Aguero, Petr Vaclav, Djamshed Usmonov, Dima El-Horr, Annemarie Jacir, Massoud Bakhshi, Germinal Roaux, Miransha Naik, Beatriz Seigner, Samuel and Frédéric Guillaume, 



Rohena Gera and many others. He was the Head of the Editing Department of La Femis, the French national film school, for many years until July 2018 and also has extensive experience in trainings, seminars and juries all over the world. As editing consultant, he worked on a wide variety of feature films from Morocco, Colombia, Lebanon, Vietnam, Switzerland, India and Brazil.