Edition : Re-Act 2019






Director (Italy)


Born in 1968 in Udine, Bianchini is an Italian screenwriter and filmmaker. Since his first works, independent films with non-existent budgets and no production attached, Bianchini explored the possibilities of merging international genre cinema, horror and thriller in particular, with local sources of inspiration. Growing critical and audience attention allows Bianchini to move his first steps towards more structured creative

dynamics: psychological thriller Occhi (Eyes, 2008) is produced by Portuguese independent company Rivolta Film and has an international cast. Shot between Italy and Slovenia, partly acted in a Slovenian dialect and based on local myths, his latest work, the psychological horror Oltre il guado (Across the River, 2013), subtly merges local and global. The movie, which confirms Bianchini as capable of creating disturbing


atmospheres and stirring deep fears out of everyday elements, has been selected in over twenty festivals worldwide and has won a considerable number of awards. The Angel in the Wall, starring French icon Pierre Richard in his first dramatic role, is Lorenzo’s first film with a structured production: the film premiered at Torino Film Festival in December 2021 and will be released in Italy in May 2022.