FERIT KARAHAN Brothers Keeper


Director (Romania)


Octav Chelaru started making amateur films when he was 14 years old, using his relatives and classmates as actors. After being rejected by the film school, Octav started to be a self-taught. While he was studying Computer Science in college, he directed music videos and commercials, produced short films for other directors and was involved as an assistant director for various projects.


His last two shorts, THE PARALLEL STATE (2020) and BLACK CLOTHES (2017), both premiered at Locarno IFF – Pardi di Domani competition. The latter was also selected in competition for festivals including Valladolid IFF, Grimstad IFF. From the previous shorts, we mention PRIVATE PARTY (2017) which was selected for Les Arcs IFF, Tirana IFF and OCCUPIED (2015), which was the winner at the Timishort IFF

Currently, Octav is in post-production with his debut feature BALAUR, having developed it in various workshops and markets, including: Midpoint Feature Launch 2018, Less is More 2018, CineLink Co-production Market 2018, LA International Project Discovery Forum 2018, Villa Kult Residency at Berlinale 2017.