Veton Nurkollari - Artistic Director - Advisor


Artistic Director & Co-founder DokuFest (Kosovo)


Veton Nurkollari is Artistic Director of DokuFest, Kosovo’s largest cultural event and one of the most important documentary and short film festivals in South East Europe, which he co-founded in 2002.

He is also one of the curators of DokuPhoto, an annual showcase of documentary photography that runs alongside film festival. 

Veton is a member of nomination committee of Cinema Eye Honors, a New York City based organization that recognizes and honors exemplary craft in nonfiction filmmaking, the EFA Documentary Committee and is also one of the founding board members of The Albanian Cinema Project, an initiative that aims to bring awareness, attention, and assistance to the plight of the Albanian National Film Archive. 

Veton regularly curates film programs and juries at various film festivals and is currently involved in a coaching and mentorship of young documentary filmmakers from Kosovo as part of “Future is Here” and “Heritage Space” projects.   

Veton Nurkollari is a member of European Film Academy and European Cultural Parliament.