AYA Simon Coulibaly

Edition: Belgium 2021


Belgium, France
roduction company: Michigan Films
World Premiere: ACID Cannes 2021

Aya grows up with her mother on the island of Lahou. Joyful and carefree, she likes to pick coconuts and sleep on the sand. However, her paradise is doomed to disappear under the waters. As the waves threaten her house, Aya makes a choice: the sea can rise, but she will not leave her island.


Director & Writer: Simon Coulibaly Gillard
Editors: Marie-Hélène Mora, Bertrand Conard
Sound Editors: Clément Chauvelle
Image & Sound
: Simon Coulibaly Gillard
Producers: Sébastien Andres, Alice Lemaire et François-Pierre Clavel

Cast: Marie-Josée Kokora , Patricia Egnabayou et Junior Asse

Length: 90 min