First Cut Lab launched in Asia

Feb 12, 2019

Following the recent announcement of the multiplication of local workshops in Europe and a second hub at the Karlovy Vary FF, First Cut Lab proudly announces additional new partnerships in the Philippines and Indonesia, which will see FCL workshops taking place outside of Europe for the first time. First Cut Lab teams up with the Film Development Council of the Philippines, and BEKRAF, the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, to launch First Cut Lab alongside a development workshop, combining project development and editing consultancy. Main editor consultant for First Cut Lab Philippines/Indonesia is Matthieu Taponier (USA/France), with Sebastian Winkels (Germany) as documentary editor consultant for First Cut Lab Indonesia.


The 2 Labs will benefit local filmmakers – directors, scriptwriters, and producers – from the Philippines and Indonesia, and will cater to film projects at different stages: in development and in post-production. The Labs will take place over 7/8 days each, starting with an editing consultancy program as defined by the First Cut Lab format and followed by a project development workshop addressing scriptwriting & providing production mentorship. Lectures & Masterclasses open to larger audiences will complete the curriculum.

The first Lab, open to Filipino filmmakers, will take place in Manila (Philippines) from April, 11th to April, 17th 2019, co-organized and with the support of the Film Development Council of the Philippines. The Lab is looking for 6/8 feature films in development, and 2 feature films at editing stage. The call for projects is about to be launched, with deadline set for February, 28th.

The second Lab, open to Indonesian filmmakers, will take place in Jakarta (Indonesia) from August, 21st to August, 28th 2019, co-organized and with the support of BEKRAF, the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy. The Lab is looking for 6 films in development (3 shorts & 3 features), and 6 films at editing stage (1 fiction feature, 2 documentaries, and 3 shorts).


Liza Diño, Chairperson & CEO of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, says about this new initiative: “In our country, the concept of project development and participating in labs to enhance screenplays and scripts are not mainstreamed practices even with our experienced producers and filmmakers. There’s been a culture of producing rushed films, skipping important development steps and losing quality on the output in the process. By bringing First Cut Lab to the Philippines, this is a way to address this gap. The Lab is where our producers can elevate their scripts, identify their audience, which approach to take, and plan the life of their films. While retaining its local quality and genuine gradients, the aim is for our stories to become global and to be shared with the worldwide audience. We look forward to pursuing that through this partnership.”

Ricky Pesik, Deputy Chairman of BEKRAF, comments: “BEKRAF’s objective to held Development & First Cut Lab in Indonesia – with the involvement of international mentors – is to give an opportunity for more Indonesian filmmakers to learn how to produce world class films.” 

Meiske Taurisia, Film Producer (“Aruna & Her Plate”, Berlinale 2019 Culinary Cinema; “Postcards from the Zoo”, Berlinale 2012 Competition): “The dynamics of the film industry nowadays opens many possibilities for filmmakers. To have a Development & Editing Lab for feature, short, fiction & documentary films will provide opportunity for Indonesian filmmakers to share and exchange ideas, and become part of the international film community.”


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