First Cut Lab Trieste was a programme designed for up to 3 long feature fiction films in editing phase from the 2020 WEMW spotlight territories: Hungary, Moldova, Romania & Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Selected producer/director teams screened their full rough cut in a private session and received expert feedback on their edit from three top international film professionals (creative producers, festival programmers, sales agents, etc) as well as tailor-made advice from a consultant editor. The workshop took place from 19-21 January 2020 in Trieste.

A fresh group of diverse and enthusiastic industry professionals shared their feedback with the selected projects as advisers: festival programmers from Venice (Beatrice Fiorentino), Karlovy Vary (Hugo Rosak) & Locarno (Daniela Persico), sales agents from Luxbox (Fiorella Moretti), Bac Films (Alexis Hofmann), Charade (Yohann Comte) and New Europe Films Sales (Marcin Luczaj), producers from all over Europe where other FCL workshops take place, such as Marina Skop from Croatia, Joanna Szymanska from Poland and Anamaria Antoci from Romania as well as Greek director/producer Thanos Anastopoulos, Gülin Üstün, Head of Meetings on the Bridge and Johanna Karppinen, CEO of Friday Capital.

Two of the selected projects, Imaculat and Wild Roots, went on to participate in First Cut+ Karlovy Vary 2020


Imaculat (Romania)

Directors: Monica Stan / George Chiper Lillemark

Producer: Marcian Lazar – Axel Film

Wild Roots (Hungary)

Director: Hajni Kis

Producers:Julie Berkes & Balázs Zachar – Proton Cinema