On-site First Cut Labs held at the Transilvania, New Horizons, and Karlovy Vary film festivals!

Aug 2, 2021

Consultants Matthieu Taponier and Wim Vanacker during First Cut Lab Cluj 

After a year and a half during which First Cut Labs have been held exclusively online, our team rejoices in the return of on-site workshops this summer!


The 3 major films festivals of Central & Eastern Europe – the Transylvania International Film Festival in Cluj, the New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw, and the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – all enthusiastically welcome First Cut Lab as part of their industry activities. Together, 8 films from Czech Republic/Slovakia, Poland and Romania are to be workshopped.


In Cluj

In Cluj, 3 Romanian films already benefited from consultations between the 25th and the 29th of July with our editor consultant Matthieu Taponier and editorial advisor Wim Vanacker, together with industry advisors Virginie Devesa (Co-founder of sales company Alpha Violet), Alexis Hofmann (Head of Acquisitions for sales/distribution company BAC Films), Ewa Bojanowska (Festival Manager for the sales agency New Europe Films Sales), and producer Vicky Miha.


In Wroclaw

In Wroclaw, 3 Polish films at editing stage will be taking part in First Cut Lab Poland as part of the Polish Days run by Weronika Czolnowska from the 15th to the 18th of August. Editor consultant Catalin Cristutiu and editorial advisor Julie Marnay will be joined by the following industry advisors: Marie-Pierre Vallé (In charge of Acquisitions for sales company Wild Bunch), Charles Bin (Co-founder of sales company Best Friends Forever), and Sergio Fant (Member of the selection committee of Berlinale). The workshop is financially supported by the Polish Film Institute.


In Karlovy Vary 

In late August in Karlovy Vary, 2 Czech & Slovak films will receive guidance & tips from editor consultant Maya Maffioli and editorial advisor Wim Vanacker together with industry advisors to be announced. The « Eastern Promises » Industry section of the festival helmed by Hugo Rosak also welcomes online our First Cut+ program and its portfolio of 8 films-in-progress on the 3rd of August, whereas 5 First Cut Lab films will have their world premiere at the festival.


Thank you to the presidents and/or artistic directors of these festivals, notably Tudor Giurgiu, Marcin Pienkowski, and Karel Och – and all their dedicated teams!


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